Our Market is changing

At least in our area of Central Mississippi. Some people say that is “Normalizing”. According to my experience, this is not true. It is true, however, that the bidding wars are slowing down. More people are able to buy a home at list price, assuming that they are prequalified with a dependable bank or mortgage co., or they have proof of funds. There is still an extreme shortage of inventory. This is not because not many homes are coming on the market. Listings pop up every day. They just don’t stay on the market as long as in the past. The sceptics say the prices will come down. The educated gurus are saying that prices will not come down, they will just not go up as rapidly as they have in recent months. What does this mean for sellers? It is more critical than ever that you home be in show shape before it goes on the market. You want it to look desirable to buyers. Trim bushes and trees away from your home. Put fresh mulch in the flower beds. De-clutter the inside. If you have massive furniture in a small room, move it. Remember, when it comes to interior decor, Less is always more. What does it mean for buyers? You still have got to be ready to move when the right home comes up. Think about all of your obstacles before you go home shopping, not after. Trust your Realtor to advise you on the best route for you to go. After all, that’s what we Realtors do. That’s why you hired us. Don’t listen to Aunt sue or Uncle John. Just because they’ve bought and sold a dozen homes before, doesn’t make them an expert. Bottom line: Trust your Realtor. We took an oath to protect your interests ahead of ours.

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