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Our Market is changing

By Real Estate Partners LLC / July 23, 2022

At least in our area of Central Mississippi. Some people say that is “Normalizing”. According to my experience, this is not true. It is true, however, that the bidding wars are slowing down. More people are able to buy a home at list price, assuming that they are prequalified with a dependable bank or mortgage…

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What’s Happening to our market?

By Real Estate Partners LLC / June 26, 2022

Well, nobody knows for sure, but I read some predictions from the national association of Realtors. They believe that the housing shortage will be here for awhile. Now, according to them, it will ease somewhat due to the fact that rising interest rates will put some buyers on the sidelines. However, we’re short several million…

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Home buying in a crazy market

By Real Estate Partners LLC / June 18, 2022

In this market, it’s important for buyers to trust their Realtor to guide them to their best offer for their dream home. Too low and you don’t get the house, too high and you’re upside down. I’ve heard the comment before, “I know what it will appraise for” The truth is nobody knows exactly what…

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Home buyer bidding wars and how to get around them

By Real Estate Partners LLC / June 5, 2022

I sold a great solid home yesterday to some wonderful buyers. They had lost 2 homes before due to bidding wars. This is something that every buyer today fears and hates. People are going so far as to take out the appraisal and/or the inspection contingencies to get their offer accepted (Not advisable). The situation…

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Luxury Vinyl Plank florring

By Real Estate Partners LLC / May 20, 2022

This is an extremely popular flooring, especially in new construction and remodels. Many times, it’s referred to as “LVP”. There are many qualities available at different prices. The chief differences are the weight, the durability, the warranty and moisture resistance. The upper qualities are water proof and have warranties that can be 30 years to…

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How to present a home to the market

By Real Estate Partners LLC / May 13, 2022

Why is it that some homes sell in hours for thousands over list and others don’t. Well, back in the old days, when I was first licensed, we were told that it was either price, location or condition. Many things have changed but some haven’t. The seller should want to buyer to be motivated to…

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Are we looking at another housing bubble about to burst?

By Real Estate Partners LLC / April 27, 2022

Absolutely not! When we saw the bubble burst in 2008, (That was hard on everyone in the business), there were a lot of causitive factors that were in place then that are not now. One of those factors was, if you had a pulse, you could get a mortgage an there were many loans out…

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Buyers may want to limit their risk when writing an offer in this market

By Real Estate Partners LLC / March 17, 2022

In this market of low inventory and high numbers of buyers, buying your home can be frustrating. This is my job, to take the frustration away, as much as possible. Now, I want to address a couple of concerns: In order to get their offers accepted, many people are removing the contingencies for appraisals and…

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The Real Estate market is changing quickly

By Real Estate Partners LLC / March 12, 2022

Interest rates are still low, but rising. There is a shortage of inventory. It is tougher to get an offer accepted. Buyers must move quickly in this market. These are the things that we are dealing with at this time Yes, things are difficult, but if buyers, sellers and their Realtors have a plan, things…

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Tankless water heaters are here to stay

By Real Estate Partners LLC / March 6, 2022

Tankless water heaters are hear to stay. In their first few years, there were bugs that had to be worked out, as there is with any new product. Now, I haven’t had any problems with them in years and they are in all of our new homes. How do they save energy and money? Regular…

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