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Steve Is More Of An Educator Than A Sales Person

"Steve isn't trying to sell you every house he shows you. He's more of an educator, making you see what's good for your family and what house benefits you the most." Liz Onion

"Steve has a way with making it seem like he's not a salesperson. He's more like he's helping you along the way, giving advice, and doing things." Wes Collier

Steve Is Authentic, Ethical, We Trust Him

"Steve is knowledgeable, approachable, ethical, and very good at what he does. He's an expert." Carolyn Alford

"Steve's no pressure. He doesn't make you buy something. He'll show you the houses and gets all the information." Carolyn Alford

"We realized we could trust Steve when he was telling us about the background or the story of every house. He was very open with us and we never felt pressured by him." Liz Onion

"We always felt we were in the right hands with Steve. We never felt like we were backed into a corner" Liz Onion

"Steve wasn't worried about, 'I have to sell this house,' or, 'The more expensive this house is, the more money I'll make out of it.' He was very trustworthy." Liz Onion

"Steve's not just going to tell you everything you want to hear. He's very honest about it. He's, 'I'm working for you. I'm going to do the best for you.'" Wes Collier

"Steve's a very good mix of friendliness and thoroughness. He doesn't try to act like he's too professional. He wants to help." Wes Collier

He Is A Combination Of Old-School, And High Tech; Best Of Both Worlds

"Steve's very high tech. He comes, does the pictures, and puts all that online. It's all very good." Carolyn Alford

"Steve always stayed in touch with us, whether it was email or text message. He keeps up well with technology." Liz Onion

"Steve is so personal and he doesn't stop with selling you a home. He gave us contacts like painters and carpenters. Every one of them were the best of the best. We were thrilled." Paula Scianna

"Steve's caring. He takes it so seriously. His customers become family." Paula Scianna

"Steve really went the extra mile for us and took control of all the little issues that come up when you're selling a home." Tyler Ball

"Steve, he's old school in that he's passionate about his craft. He works hard." Tyler Ball

Steve Is Very Accessible

"Steve's always there. Anytime, any day of the week, it doesn't matter. He answers every question that you have. He is out there and very available." Carolyn Alford

"Steve's going to stay with you. He's there 24 hours a day." Paula Scianna

"A lot of agents are part time and so they're hard to get in touch with. They don't want to earn your business. That's not Steve at all." Tyler Ball

"The big difference about Steve is that even when you're not in the process of buying or selling, he's still there to help." Wes Collier

"He's prompt, he gets back with you, and he stays in contact anytime after or before the selling and buying process." Wes Collier

Steve Really Pays Attention To Details

"He walked me through what I would have to do about changing over the gas, electricity, and the water. He held my hand through all that and I really appreciated it." Carolyn Alford

"When we went to go look at homes, there were things that we didn't catch. He taught us about the construction of the home, the architecture, and when it was built." Liz Onion

"Steve was on top of things. He pointed out a lot of things on our future home and we really liked that about him." Liz Onion

"Steve really went the extra mile for us and took control of all the little issues that come up when you're selling a home. He took a lot of things off my plate." Tyler Ball

"Steve was extremely helpful in spotting issues. He is extremely knowledgeable about what it takes to correct things, identifying problems and what that process is going to look like when you have to have a correction made." Tyler Ball

He Used A Professional Photographer To Make Their House Look Amazing

"Steve did good with the pictures. It looked like he had an angle like he was standing on a ladder looking down, which makes it look professional. By the angles and the way it was happening, it did look different than a lot of other realtors. That caught my eye. That was something that I liked." Wes Collier

Steve Knows The Area And The Market

"Steve's familiar with the houses, the home buyers, and the sellers. He knows about the clay in our soil and that the builders dig down and get to the good earth, and when they don't, they bring in dirt. He tells you all that." Carolyn Alford

"If you are moving to the Jackson, Richland, or Madison area, Steve definitely knows his neighborhoods." Liz Onion

"Steve told us a lot of stories about each home. He knew a little bit about that home and why it was on sale." Liz Onion

"Steve was raised in Jackson, Mississippi, so he knew the streets, the neighborhood, and what neighborhood was closest to our jobs." Liz Onion

"Steve knows the area." Paula Scianna

"Steve has a really good grasp on the area. He was also very realistic with us in what we should expect. It worked out exactly like he had assured us it would" Tyler Ball

"He had a very good grasp of the market and what he expected our house to fetch. It ended up being very accurate." Tyler Ball

Steve Is A Great Negotiator

"Steve is a great negotiator. We wanted to make an offer on that house and there were already several bids. He told us, 'You might want to get a letter from your bank. This is a private loan. They usually like private loans. Let's go ahead and make the offer, send the letter from the bank, and I think that's what's going to win over all the other bids.' Sure enough, we won the house." Liz Onion

"Steve didn't just say, 'Okay, well, let me just write the offer and this is how much you're going to end up paying. He was on top of things every single day." Liz Onion

"Steve had a very good approach and track in dealing with the agent on the other side and getting this closed." Tyler Ball

"Steve had a very good grasp of the market and what he expected our house to fetch. It ended up being very accurate." Tyler Ball

Steve Was Worth Every Penny Of His Commission And Then Some

"He literally earns every penny of his commission. We really liked that he took his time, dedicated every day from 10:00 am all the way till 6:00 pm to me and to my husband, just to find our perfect house." Liz Onion

"Steve really went the extra mile for us. He took a lot of things off my plate." Tyler Ball

"Steve was an extremely valuable resource to us beyond just getting a buyer and helping us find a home." Tyler Ball

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