Buyers are in better shape now

What I’m saying here pertains to my part of the country, but, I have a feeling that includes much of the country: The inventory shortage is easing, somewhat. So, there are more homes to choose from and likely more will hit the market in early 2024. The ridiculous bids and paying over appraised value is gone. Our market seems to be normalizing (Not quite, but on the way). Interest rates have softened somewhat and, from what I read, will likely soften more in early 2024. Builders are starting back building. According to the National Association of Realtors, new construction across the country a couple of months ago, was short three million units compared¬† to the same time a year ago. Builders have been offering tremendous incentives to buyers. I think that, when the interest rates drop more, those incentives will go away. Mortgage policies are raising the maximum income for zero down loans. There is talk that programs are coming out with no maximum income. We’ll see. FHA,USDA and conventional are raising they’re maximum prices to allow for more price increases that are sure to come. Now, that being said, there are parts of the country that have had exponential price increase in the past couple of years. Those areas may see a slight decrease in value. So, it’s time to get off the fence. If you wait to save a half point interest, you may pay more for the home later on. It’s not worth the risk of waiting. Building costs have not gotten any better and not likely to in the near future. I saw a graph that charted the average mortgage interest rate starting in 1970 and going through 2023. During this time, there were only 2 times that the rates were below 6.5%, this was in 2008 and during the pandemic. So, if you can get a 6.5% rate or around that, you’re in good shape.

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