How to present a home to the market

Why is it that some homes sell in hours for thousands over list and others don’t. Well, back in the old days, when I was first licensed, we were told that it was either price, location or condition. Many things have changed but some haven’t.

The seller should want to buyer to be motivated to move forward, so price the home right. When showing a home, less is always more. Sparse furnishings show better than a home stuffed full of big furniture and bric a bracs. At the same time you don’t want it to look vacant. Pictures lining all of the walls are not a good thing. Some pictures are fine and enhance the look, but when the walls are full, the potential buyers will think about all those nail holes that they will have to repair.

A little paint, caulk and pressure washing goes a long way toward getting the value that you want. A seller will always more than get their money back with that type of thing. And of course, you want the home to appear clean and certainly free of unpleasant smells. Nothing will turn a potential buyer off more than an unclean appearance. They wonder how much dirt is there that they can’t see.

Landscaping is important. If you have overgrown bushes that touch the home, trim them back, cut any tree limbs that hang over the roof. Put fresh mulch in the flower beds. Once again, there is not much cost involved in this, but it brings big returns.

Now, the front door. if it looks tired and needs another coat, do it. That’s one of the first things the buyer sees

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