Luxury Vinyl Plank florring

This is an extremely popular flooring, especially in new construction and remodels. Many times, it’s referred to as “LVP”. There are many qualities available at different prices. The chief differences are the weight, the durability, the warranty and moisture resistance. The upper qualities are water proof and have warranties that can be 30 years to lifetime. They don’t require glue, which is very expensive, and they don’t require a moisture barrier on the slab that the lower end floors do, as they are not resistant to moisture. The popularity of LVP is partially due to it’s practically indestructible finish. I’ve seen a dishwasher leak that was simply wiped up and dried. If that had been a wood floor, it would have had to have been replaced. These floors are suitable for any room in the home, including baths and laundry rooms. Many times, it can be laid over existing flooring. This saves the expense of removal, which can be expensive. In short, the LVP flooring will remain popular for a long time. People will appreciate it’s durability and low maintenance. Plus they may never replace the flooring in their homes.

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